• What is the Latin American Poker Tour?
  • The Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) is a series of major poker tournaments conducted throughout the Lain America region.
  • When and where are the LAPT Season 4 events taking place?
  • Please refer to the tournaments page.

    The LAPT reserves the right to cancel or alter details of listed events at its discretion.

  • What is the structure for Latin American Poker Tour events?
  • Please click LAPT structure for details.
  • What poker game will be played in the LAPT main events?
  • The main events will all be No Limit Hold'em. At some venues, side events, Sit & Go tournaments or cash games may be spread in other poker variants, such as Stud or Omaha.
  • What is the buy-in for LAPT events?
  • The buy-in at LATPs varies from event to event, ranging from €2,500 to €10,000 (or its equivalent in local currency), please see the tournaments page for more ideas.
  • Is there an agreement I need to sign to appear in an LAPT event?
  • Yes. A condition of entry into any tournament on the LAPT will be the completion and signing of a broadcast release form.
  • Can I play even if I don't sign the agreement?
  • No; The release form is a requirement for participation in any LAPT event.
  • How old do I have to be to participate?
  • The minimum age to be able to participate in all LAPT events is 18.
  • How much does it cost to enter?
  • We encourage you to win your entry by playing in one of the PokerStars Freerolls. Open the PokerStars lobby, click Events then LAPT for freerolls to the events. If you fail to qualify and would still like to play in an LAPT event, you may buy directly into a tournament. See each specific event page for details.
  • Who is running the LAPT events?
  • See About the LAPT for details.
  • Do I need a passport to attend an LAPT event?
  • Yes. All players travelling abroad will need a passport and citizens of some countries will need visas. Please check the relevant event page and/or consult your travel agent. PokerStars and the LAPT are not responsible if you have failed to make the necessary arrangements regarding your visa and are denied entry to the country.
  • I have won a PokerStars LAPT prize package (including seat, hotel and spending money) - can I bring a guest?
  • Yes. If you have qualified for the tournament through PokerStars, your prize package includes a double room where your guest may sleep at no extra cost. However, all other costs incurred by your guest will not be covered in your prize package.
  • What clothes should I bring?
  • LAPT events are held at luxury hotels, so please wear appropriate clothing. However, there is no specific dress code for LAPT tournaments. Please bring appropriate clothing for the destination country's climate!
  • What is the currency in the countries where LAPT events are being held?
  • For up-to-the-minute exchange rates, visit
  • What payment methods can I use for direct buy-ins?
  • Players who would like to register in advance for an event (and be guaranteed a seat) should e-mail to receive instructions on sending their payment by wire transfer or bank draft.
  • Will I need special identification to enter the tournament?
  • Yes. Please bring your passport with you in order to register.
  • What logos am I allowed to wear?
  • The Latin American Poker Tour has strict rules on the wearing of branded logos by players at LAPT events. Please click Rules and Regulations.
  • Will I appear on the Internet or television?
  • It's possible! A video blog team will be filming at all Season 3 LAPT events. All LAPT contestants are obliged to sign a broadcast waiver form before play commences. Any player who does not sign the broadcast waiver will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.
  • How do I go about opening an account on PokerStars?
  • Opening an account on PokerStars could not be easier, simply download our free poker software  At PokerStars you are able to win your seat to the EPT via online freerolls and satellites.

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LAPT Video
LAPT Leaderboards
Pos. Name Cash
1 Martin Sansour 322,280
2 Bolivar  Palacios 188,200
3 Daniel Ades 115,270
4 William Ross 84,690
5 Roberto Bianchi 61,160
6 Matthias Habernig 49,400
7 Ivan Saul 37,640
8 Nico Fierro 25,880
9 Gustavo Flessak 17,050
10 Terrence Chan 17,050
Pos. Name Cash
1 Matthias Habernig 248,004
2 Dayan Vardanega 143,500
3 Alexandre Richard Martins 87,799
4 Miguel Fernando Velasco Hoyos 64,823
5 Robson Vinicious Kozan 46,351
6 Andre Luiz  Scaff 37,058
7 Rodrigo M Scartezini 27,765
8 Rudy Blondeau 18,518
9 Pedro Velasco Adnet 12,970
10 Guilherme Marques  Garcia 12,970