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LAPT SEASON 4 - LEADERBOARD is adding fabulous value to the LAPT with fantastic prizes being awarded to the three players who achieve the highest points at all LAPT events during LAPT Season 4 in accordance with the LAPT overall points programme.

The overall points champion will win buy-ins and hotel package to all events for LAPT Season 5.

The overall points runner-up wins buy-ins and hotel package for 4 events (Main Event entry, and accommodation)

The overall points third place player wins buy-ins and hotel package for 2 events (Main Event entry, and accommodation)

Also the top 100 players on the leaderboard win entry into a $10,000 online freeroll.

The overall points programme relates only to LAPT Main Events.  Full information on the overall points competition can be found here

Terms and conditions apply. In particular, in order to claim a prize the winner:

  • must have complied with all terms and condition of participation in LAPT events;
  • The top 3 winners must wear clothing that displays logo exclusively for all tournaments in which the player will participate as a part of their prize.)

Failure to do so will result in the winner no longer being entitled to claim the prize and the relevant prize will be awarded to the next leading points player.

LAPT Grand Final Main Event Buy-Ins for winners of all eight regular season LAPT events
Points Leader Board
Overall Champ gets buy-ins + hotel for LAPT season 5
2nd place gets 4 events (choice, not final) for LAPT season 5
3rd place gets 2 events (choice, not final) for LAPT season 5
Top 100 leaders play online freeroll for $10,000

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LAPT Leaderboards
Pos. Name Cash
1 Martin Sansour 322,280
2 Bolivar  Palacios 188,200
3 Daniel Ades 115,270
4 William Ross 84,690
5 Roberto Bianchi 61,160
6 Matthias Habernig 49,400
7 Ivan Saul 37,640
8 Nico Fierro 25,880
9 Gustavo Flessak 17,050
10 Terrence Chan 17,050
Pos. Name Cash
1 Matthias Habernig 248,004
2 Dayan Vardanega 143,500
3 Alexandre Richard Martins 87,799
4 Miguel Fernando Velasco Hoyos 64,823
5 Robson Vinicious Kozan 46,351
6 Andre Luiz  Scaff 37,058
7 Rodrigo M Scartezini 27,765
8 Rudy Blondeau 18,518
9 Pedro Velasco Adnet 12,970
10 Guilherme Marques  Garcia 12,970